Tuesday, November 1, 2011

an open letter to all blog readers, click my Google ad plz..

Dear respected blog readers.
How are you? You will be quite amazed by my article heading, a direct violation of Google Adsense TOS.  Even some google guy might have started to check my accounts to ban me. But I am not writing this letter for my profit, my account has been already banned a long ago. I want to give message to you all people that why we most of the bloggers write for? For some money of course, almost 99% blogger expect to earn money from what they write. How these bloggers get money? Through someone who has visited their blog to get some information, to get some knowledge, to get some entertainment and most of you get, in return you only have to do to click our ad but you all are so selfish that you do not want to give a return favour. As you think that if you will click ad, you will have to pay from your pocket. No, you don’t have to. Google will pay them, do you really know it? Yes, how funny! Still you do not allow them to earn some pennies. You know it will just cost you 30 sec nothing else at all and also you will boost up their moral to bring more articles to you. It will help them to dump their worries of generating some money for their livelihood, now they will be more focused on writing more information, more entertainment. So ultimately you are going to be benefitted. It’s like paying tax and getting return benefits from your government. Do you know some students can pay their college fee with your help; some poor grandfather can buy Christmas gifts to their grandchildren. By clicking ads is just like doing charities to the people. But how many of us are quite comfortable in giving. We all just want to take and take only. Time has come to give now and help people. Are you ready to help people? Are you ready to help some needy to get buy some Christmas gift? I think the time is now to return favour. I am not saying to click ads of some professionals, they can still earn without your help. They are already generating high revenues. I am talking about new ones, who do not know what to do but still trying to please you. They just keep checking their accounts every minutes, every second to check that someone has clicked their ads or not and when they get their first click and money their joy seems no bound. They are on top of the world. They become hero among their friends. Now they can take on bullies, “look losers what I got, I got my first goggle cheque”. But do you know most of these new ones get heavy traffic and revenue zero. It’s really disheartening and most of them just quit their writings, they quit their blogging, how sad. And who is the real culprit, its people like you who just hit and run. Go, help them to establish themselves in the blogging world and feel proud by saying “I build him”.
So moral of the story, if you like someone’s article, just not write thanks only, click at least one ad to show your support. They will not just appreciate you but will give blessings also. So give them some smile, give them some sunshine, and give them some rain.
With love,


  1. Great post – I’m going to Tweet about your blog.

  2. Very interesting, awesome and lovely post.